Hot and Cold Beverage

All soups served with crackers

Chicken noodle
Roasted beef and barley
Honey roasted butternut squash
Tomato Florentine
Cream of mushroom
BBQ roast beef and vegetable

Garden salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion dried cranberry, sunflower seeds with green mix

Caesar Salad

Traditional Caesar salad with parmesan cheese and crouton

Cob Salad

Fresh green, tomato, bacon, fresh boiled egg, feta cheese and avocado

Waldrof Salad

Fresh green, brie cheese, apple and cranberry

Mediterranean Salad

Bow tie pasta, tomato, feta, onion, romaine lettuce and olives


Traditional Farmers Frittata $11.95/person

Fresh Egg baked with onions, peppers, potatoes, smoked bacon along with fruit tray or mini pastry platter

The Canadian  

Crispy bacon, sausages links, homemade hash brown and fresh scrambled egg with fresh fruit tray or mini pastry platter

American Breakfast Composed/ Breakfast Burritos  

Farm fresh scrambled eggs, bell peppers, chorizo sausage, cilantro and cheese composed in a tortilla wrap, hash browns or fresh fruit tray and its comes with homemade salsa and sour cream

Egg Burger  

Fresh egg (2pcs) bacon or sausage in a home-made bun comes with fresh fruit or hash brown

Traditional French toast platter (3pcs per person) comes with maple syrup

Traditional buttermilk pancakes platter (3pcs each) comes with syrup.($2/pc)

Pour Signature Wraps and Sandwiches $5.95

  • A platter of mix fresh home-made sandwiches or wraps.​
  • Mexican chicken (charbroiled chicken with lettuce, tomato, mole sauce)
  • Smoked turkey with cranberry mayo (lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese)
  • Club sandwich or wrap (chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and swiss cheese)
  • Black forest ham (tomato, lettuce, mustard and mozzarella.)
  • Roast beef (tomato, spinach, onion, pickle and Dijon mustard, cheddar cheese.)
  • Egg salad (Deli egg, mustard, mayonnaise and lettuce)
  • Vegetarian (tomato, cucumber, onion, swiss, pickle and spinach)
  • Smoked Salmon (lettuce, cucumber, onion, salmon, cheese)Butter chicken wrap (lettuce, onion, tandoori chicken, home-made butter chicken sauce and bell pepper.)

Hot Breakfast

Salads $5.95

Chicken Skewers $12.95

Seasoned chicken skewers served with rice pilaf, naan bread and tzatziki sauce

Indian Pride $14.95

Tandoor baked chicken in authentic cream tomato sauce, served with basmati rice, aloo Gobi muttor and naan bread

Shepherds Pie $12.95

Seasoned ground beef cooked with carrots, corn, bell pepper and pea layered with garlic whipped potato, baked with cheese

Guinness steak and mushroom stew $12.95

Alberta beef , mushroom, root vegetable, potato slowly cooked in Guinness stout and its comes with garlic toast

Fish & Chips $13.95

Alaskan cod fried in freshly made beer batter comes with home-made fires, tartar sauce and coleslaw

Fettucine Arabiata $12.95

Fettucine noodle in a house made fire roasted red pepper sauce serve with garlic toast 

Chicken Rose Penne $14.95

Creamy marinara sauce with spinach, tomato, mushroom and mozzarella served with garlic toast 

Classic Meat lasagne (served by pan)

Seasoned ground beef, bell pepper, onion, cooked in home-made roasted tomato sauce and filled with ricotta and mozzarella cheese, comes with garlic toast

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Coffee $3 per person

Tea $3 per person

Beverage $2 per person

$14 per person

All burger comes with home-made beef patty and bun, lettuce, slice tomato, onions, pickle and home-made fries

Smoke burger (cheddar and bacon)

Mavic Burger (ham and pineapple, ponzu glaze.)

Black & Blue(cheese , mushroom sautéed onion)

Hot Lunch 

Min order 12

Cold Breakfast

Fresh fruit salad  $4.30/person

Cheese & fresh fruit tray combo  

Assorted Cookie tray 
$1/each cookie


Min. order 10, $4 per person